About the Project

Part of this blog is the home for my slightly mad, mostly crazy plan to thematically link my entire Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Forces into one massive crusading army.

The list, which may change over time, is as follows:

  • My main Guard Army, the Cadian 60th “Jägers”
  • A mechanized Cadian 114th led by Colonel Snake Stranski
  • A small force of Vostroyans (17th Firstborn)
  • Flesh Tearers in Drop pods
  • Black Templars in rhinos
  • Imperial Fists Terminators
  • Dark Angels 5th Company plus a little Ravenwing
  • Space Wolves in whatever they can get their paws on
  • An armoured company using the Imperial Armour vol. 1 list (Narmenian)
  • A small Imperial Navy arm, consisting of at least 1 Thunderbolt and 2 Lightning Fighters (404th Fighter Wing, Thunderbolts of the 2nd ‘Jokers’ Squadron)
  • Brimlock Dragoons, just for the converting aspect.
  • And much further down the line, an Elysian Air Cavalry Regiment and a Krieg Siege Regiment based on the Forge World static artillery.

I also plan to add my Grey Knights/Inquisition forces to this, which will hopefully tie in with my Chaos Forces, for a little narrative for the campaign force.

Wish me luck, leave me comments, criticisms, and stuff you’re working on too!


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