Working progress

Just a quick update, to whet appetites. I have been cracking on with bits of different things so that I don’t go mad from painting the same models over and over.

So, this last week, I’ve been working on both my Dwarf Blood Bowl team, and some Test of Honour stuff for a game at the weekend.

Headless Dwarf blitzer

WIP on a Dwarf Blitzer.

I hoped to have the Dwarf team at least up to some sort of table top standard by Thursday, but time is running out now and I still have two or three base colours to get on. So maybe…

Face of Dwarf Lineman

Keeping a nice selection of beard colours.

As for the Test of Honour miniatures, I still have a couple of days to get them to some sort of standard, so I think I might manage it. The plan is to play through the scenarios in the Battle Book that comes with the core game, so for this Saturday I only needed a leader, 3 spearmen and two archers.


This is probably the most prolific I’ve ever been since restarting big time in the hobby, so hopefully it will continue for a while!

Check back soon for the completed models!


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