Kharadrons Rising

Here is an actual Hobby progress update!

I have been working through some of my Kharadrons as a group of us decided we’d attempt a skirmish campaign, which would in turn, lead to a Path to Glory campaign, which would hopefully lead to the ability to play full Age of Sigmar games. With that in mind I, for the first time ever, am ahead of schedule.

I’ve already put pictures of my first few units that I did for this endeavour, but I now have more complete!

The main thing I’ve achieved this last month or so is completing my Arkanaut Frigate, from start to finish, in under 2 months. For me, that’s a big deal!

A beauty of a ship!

This is the most intricate model I’ve painted to completion. I’ve done some the same size or bigger (see my Black Templars posts or my Imperial Navy Thunderbolt) but not with this much care. Doing this model was both a delight, and a hefty test of my ability to pick colour schemes that work across such a large model without it looking too bland. I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

Alongside this, I completed two more Endrinriggers to bring that unit up to the minimum three. So, for now, I have enough models complete for my first Path to Glory mission. More of these Duardin to come!


Kharadon Team, Assemble!


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