I have been dabbling.

I haven’t hit any milestones recently, unless you count managing to build all my Japanese Secessionist Army models for Infinity, which is a first! Post to follow when I get started painting them.

I have been plodding away at various bits of hobby goodness, as my main aim at the moment is to get as much stuff built and basecoated as possible while the weather is nice here in sunny UK. (At the moment it’s actually too hot! My base coat is drying too fast!)

The idea is that by having a lot of stuff at least basecoated, I can pick and choose what I work on when the weather gets worse later in the year, and hopefully get through some backlog!

I also managed to squeeze in a game of Infinity last month, which went… not great for me, but was good fun.

Fusilier Bipandra

Bipandra was prepared to heal everything. She didn’t, she got shot.

A Fusilier Missle Launcher

My Fusilier Missile Launcher watches for targets. He did shoot a lot!

So, working on my massive backlog was quite satisfying, so of course I bought more stuff. Namely, Test of Honour, a Japanese Samurai skirmish game from Warlord Games. I was given a demo game by a friend of mine, and instantly wanted it. A very simple skirmish system which plays fast and has cinematic style. A nice short evening game, which fills a niche in my availability.

In addition to working through my big Warhammer 40k project, AoS Kharadrons, and multiple Infinity armies, I now have yet another system to work with. Woops.

Other than a couple of games I also took a pilgrimage to what is now Warhammer Fest (used to be Games Day when I was younger.) So off I went to Coventry to see what goodies Games Workshop were rustling up for the near future. I didn’t take many pics, but I have to say it was great to see how many staff were there chatting merrily away about all things hobby. GW have really upped their game when it comes to engaging with the community.

I was so excited by all the goodies that I bought a Forgeworld Open Day ticket for July, so pics of that when I’ve been!


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