Completed Kharadrons.

In continuation of my previous post, I have more pics of my Kharadron Overlords that I’ve completed. I’m now up to 10 Arkanauts, an Arkanaut Admiral, an Endrinmaster, and work has started on some Endrinriggers.

Arkanaut Company

The Barak Urbaz colour scheme is actually very satisfying to paint. It takes a little bit of patience and careful application to get the green wash to look uniform across all the models’ silver armour.

Arkanaut Admiral

Look at that hammer.

I was worried that the Admiral especially would be difficult to make pop due to him having almost no cloth. But the contrast of gold and greenish silver, I think, works really well.


Best portable anvil around.

The Endrinmaster, so far, is my favourite model. I love his harness, helps him smash better with his hammer.

Endrinrigger Mizzenmaster

First of my Endrinriggers, the Mizzenmaster.

This Mizzenmaster of my Endrinriggers was painted as his body and backpack, and then his engine ‘balloon’ separately. However, the little support struts on his engine were very hard to stick into his body after painting. So my other two Endrinriggers have had their struts already attached and the engine separate for painting.

More hobbying soon!



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