A Tournament – Infinity Style

So I went to my first ever competitive tournament. Not just for Infinity, but for any miniatures game ever. This was after my trip to Warhammer World, and took place on Saturday 16th September.

Battlefield Hull Direct Action Table 2

This was table 2 at the tournament. I’d taken this shot to show where my Hexa was hiding. Sneaky!

I really enjoyed it. I was apprehensive at first, as I am big into the modelling, painting, and narrative side of miniatures gaming, but was never a huge fan of competitive gaming. The main problem I have is, I like the look and style of models over their abilities on the tabletop, and when you play games like Warhammer, 40k, X-wing etc, there are models that are considered rubbish in competitive terms. In my case, they were usually the ones I really like the look of.

Infinity is, as far as I can tell, much better at letting me off the hook. There aren’t really any useless or totally sub-par models in this game. Everything has a purpose, and with enough luck, everything can hurt everything else.

Bipandra Doc

I entered Bipandra into the best painted model vote. Not because I felt any of my models were particularly good, but I like her sass.

I ran my Neoterran Capitaline Army lists for this tournament. This consisted of one list with a Bolt Fireteam, and one list with a Fusilier Fireteam and Clausewitz Uhlan. I played 3 games of the course of the day, and I lost 2 and won 1. I’m pretty okay with the result as I play very few games of Infinity and I will freely admit, there are a LOT of rules to remember. That said, I remembered most of what I needed to know, and for my second game, really good dice rolls for my opponent had a hand in his victory.

Unfortunately, due to time, and mostly excitement, I took very few pics of my games. However, here are a few in-game shots:

ORC and Aquila Guard, plus Trauma Doc

Rooftop Heavy Infantry Bro’s with Doc.

20170916_110958 (1)

Fusilier Fireteam hiding.

Black Friar after death of Bran do Castro

There’s a dead Bran do Castro here, honest, and a not so hidden Hexa.


A bit of dumpster cover.

All in all, the Infinity tournament was a really fun day, and it made me paint more miniatures than I have in months. So at least if I go to more tournaments for all my games in general, I might actually make progress into my backlog!

Clausewitz Uhlan

Clausewitz Uhlan King of the Hill.

Here’s a quick and dirty shot of most of what I painted up for the tournament. Next up…Kharadron Overlords…maybe?

Bolts and others Tournament time!

Painted up, in a rush, for the tournament.


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