I still hobby!

So…last update was May, and slow and steady is still the pace. But stuff has progressed! I played a few games of Infinity in June and July to coincide with Corvus Belli’s Strikezone: Wotan campaign. Clearly my contributions as Pan Oceania were critical! (PanO were overall ‘winners’).

Joan d’Arc doing what she does best: hacking up bad guys.

So I got a few models painted up and progressed with getting more built and primed so I can pick up and paint when I get a free minute.

Three models completely finished (some kind of a record?)

I may have a bit of a backlog…

I also have a huge bunch more Infinity models to build and prime, which I have started too, with this beast:

Tikbalang for my Acontecimento force, a great looking model!

So that’s the current work in progress. Alongside this I’m currently building some Kharadron Overlords for Age of Sigmar. I’ve finally had a proper look at the game since the death of Warhammer Fantasy, and while I still lament the passing of the Old World, I actually really like the new setting and aesthetics.

Also we’re off to Warhammer World soon again with the drop of 8th edition 40k, and I think my Black Templars will get a run out. I’m probably taking Helbrecht for a spin, because I love the model.

Expect photos of the game!



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