Slow but steady

My local hobby group had decided it would be a good idea to pledge to paint 200 points of models (or equivalent depending on the system) a month as a way to get everyone painting. I have sort of got on board. However I have been terribly slow with my work, but I am plodding along.

Snow bases abound, along with some Mechanized Guard

So the plan is to start painting up the other Guard models I have, which have Forge World rebreather heads. I thought they would look suitable for hazardous snowy wastes.

I finished the two Crusaders for my Inquisitor bodyguard squad, a few other models left to go on that front. I am still not happy with my metallic paint skills, and I don’t want to start attempting NMM at this point, so I’ll just keep giving it a crack. 

Not fully happy with the metallic paint.

This all will hopefully lead into a combined force to take to our next trip to Warhammer world, whenever that may be!


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