Templars go to War!

One of the reason I actually get hobbying done is usually our trips to Warhammer World. Well it’s time for another one, and this time, Black Templars are going in force. With that in mind, I’ve started tidying up and working on most of the models that had base colours down. With the help of my girlfriend once again (she offers her assistance, I don’t make her paint!) we got cracking.

Named for naming's sake.

Named for naming’s sake.

I got cracking with the Terminator Chaplain, which is a model I love. It’s also fairly easy to paint black armour. Just subtle highlighting on the edges can make it pop. I might make it a little more obvious to look better on the tabletop, but pretty happy with the overall result.


Bits of different crusader squads.

Bits of different crusader squads.

In the meantime my girlfriend tidied up my older painted models and got some wash on them. I think they look cracking for tabletop quality, she’s becoming quite the painter!

More will follow soon as we work through the models selected for the cauldron of battle.

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