Armour Rolls Out

I really should sort our more content for this blog….oops. There has been a little progress, I have sort of got my airbrush working to a level which I can put down some decent controlled paintwork, although the weather has not helped, as the paint has been drying in the airbrush and causing a bit of spitting. Either way, the Narmenian Armoured is taking shape!

General Grizmund

General Grizmund leads the first squadron into battle.


A Manticore supported by two Leman Russ, Executioner and Vanquisher patterns.

These guys got a roll out for our latest trip to Warhammer World, where we played a huge tank battle scenario. Needless to say, losses were heavy!

A Bridge Too Far

They Came From Behind! We attempted to cross this bridge, all the while facing down all these Xeno tanks, only to be caught in an ambush by deepstriking Battlesuits.


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