Black Templars Rising

So, it maybe took longer than I anticipated, but thanks to friends booking a day at Warhammer World in Nottingham, some of my Black Templars saw a lick of paint, and were at least tabletop ready to go to war. Here is the small 1000 point force in all its (small) glory:


It was nice to roll out some Space Marines on the battlefield again, and I hadn’t actually used any of my Marines under the 6th Edition rules. The battle was a 3v3, and I teamed up with Necrons and Tau, unusual allies for Templars to say the least. We faced off against Eldar, Imperial Guard and Crimson Fists. The result was a narrow victory for our opponents, mainly due to the Necron Overlord failing his ressurection roll on the last turn of the game, handing our opponents a Kill the Warlord Victory point. Curses!

Here are some battlefield views taken by our Tau Commander:



P1030176 P1030174 P1030173 P1030170

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